7 Great-Looking Online and Facebook Contests

Posted by Ross Howard-Jones

Welcome to part two of Strutta’s Design for Promotions Series. Part one covered some great techniques for small tweaks to the design of your contest using our advanced CSS Style Kit.

Whether you are a novice web user or an agency with a full-blown design department, Strutta has created a platform that gives everyone the ability to brand their contest or sweepstakes with ease. Many of our clients create great looking and well branded sites and Facebook apps with our standard design templates, but some want to take it a step further - and that’s where our CSS Style Kit comes in.

If inspiration is what you’re looking for, here are some of the best-looking contest sites and Facebook apps that our clients have created with our standard design templates and CSS Style Kit!

Basic Design, Big Style

You can really get your message across with a simple, clean design. Choose one of our standard design templates and customize it to match your brand simply by:

  1. choosing your colors
  2. uploading a banner image
  3. uploading an intro image or video
  4. selecing a background color or image

Toronto for Acumen and TaylorMade created great looking promotions with basic designs:

Toronto for Acumen used Strutta’s standard design options for their contest site.
TaylorMade used Strutta’s basic design option to create this Facebook sweepstakes app.


A Little CSS Love Can Go A Long Way

But what if your brand has a specific typeface, texture, or design element that isn’t an option within the basic templates we offer? Go with the CSS Style Kit option.

With the power of the the Style Kit you can hurdle many limitations with a little CSS love and creativity. If you are familiar with CSS or have access to a designer who knows CSS, then you will want to take a look at the Style Kit option.

Select the CSS Style Kit option to apply greater customizations to your promotion’s look and feel.

Check out how Airbnb, PearTree Greetings, Vancouver Aquarium, Veggie Patch and Naked Pizza used the Style Kit to really take their design to the next level:

Airbnb used HTML and CSS to create a unique contest site on Strutta’s platform.
PearTree Greetings designed a gorgeous contest site with Strutta’s CSS StyleKit.
Vancouver Aquarium’s agency, TAXI, designed a beautiful and simple contest site on Strutta’s template.
Veggie Patch created a vibrant Facebook contest app with Strutta’s CSS Style Kit.
Naked Pizza’s agency, Mobialy, totally transformed Strutta’s template for a Facebook contest app using CSS.

So, how did they do that? In our next Design for Promotions posts, we’re going to build on the ‘how-to’ of branding your promotion and explore some other options that will help you turn your design into something truly unique.

From basic design tips to advanced CSS techniques, you’ll learn sure-fire ways for your brand and promotion stand out!

Are there are any specific design challenges or CSS techniques that you want us to cover in an upcoming post? Let us know in the comments below or reach us at @strutta on Twitter, Facebook or Google+!

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