3 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Presence

Posted by Alicia Doiron

1.86 Billion.

It’s the number of active Facebook users worldwide. And the number isn’t stopping there. Facebook continues to grow in popularity with a 17% year over year increase. In fact, five new profiles are created every second. Pretty remarkable right?

So what does that mean for you? In a word: opportunity. The opportunity to boost your bottom line, acquire new clients, and please your current customer base is waiting to be taken advantage of.

Chances are you already know this. You’re already on Facebook. But maybe you’re not having the success you’d had hoped for, or maybe you are doing alright and are just looking to spruce up your Facebook efforts. Whichever the case, we’ve put together a list of 3 ways we believe will help boost your Facebook presence.

Running a Facebook Contest

When your customers add a friend on Facebook, it’s because they’re interested in them. Similarly, when a customer likes your business page, they’re doing so because they’re interested in your brand and products/services. Don’t disappoint them! One of the best ways to keep them interested is by hosting a contest.

Many of our clients have used Facebook to host a contest or sweepstakes and have strengthened their relationship with their current customers by doing so. In addition they saw many of the following benefits:

  • Increased Facebook followers
  • Boost in website traffic
  • Grew email list through signups
  • Generated community conversations

Utilizing Facebook Ads

Many B2C companies shy away from trying Facebook ads because they’re seen as too competitive and expensive, but the fact is Facebook offers some of the most sophisticated and innovative ad units and targeting. Their ads are customized around your business goals, and their targeting technology, Lookalike Audiences, uses machine learning to ensure your ads are seen by the buyers you want to attract.

Lookalike Audiences reviews who’s currently visiting your site or are already in your CRM. Facebook even allows you to upload a list of your ideal customers from your CRM so it can search for similar users in their database and put them in touch with your ads.

Implementing ads properly will certainly lead to a further improvement in your Facebook presence! (For more help on that, read our post about Facebook Advertising.)

Posting and Creating Your Own Unique Facebook Content

While posting recycled content will keep your social network updated, and keep you in the minds of your followers, custom content will put you in the lead. This is even more important if you’re selling the same or similar products as your competitors. You’ll need to spin your products in a way that is unique to your company’s values and audience.

Images you post should be styled differently from your competitors’. Whether that’s through a filter, layout, or backdrop is up to you. Or better yet, encourage your customers to upload photos of themselves using your products.

Articles should be focused on telling your brand’s unique story; how your company got started, why you’re selling the products or services you do, pieces such as this. It’s also a good idea to interview customers and find out how your products helped them. Ask your customers to leave reviews of your products or services on your Facebook page.

Have a blog? Make sure to share snippets from articles and point to the posts from your Facebook page.

By focusing on creating custom content you’ll be ensuring your customers aren’t getting bored with seeing the same photos and stories hundreds of times over.

Bonus* Facebook Stories

A few months ago, Facebook rolled out a new feature called “Facebook Stories”. The feature is almost exactly like Instagram Stories, but with Snapchat filters. While the feature isn’t yet available for business pages, you should get yourself acquainted with it so when it does become available you’ll understand how it works, and if it’s something your business should try.

Boost Your Facebook Presence

There’s a lot of noise on Facebook. Making sure your brand is heard can be a challenge but by following these three steps you’ll be making sure your brand, and it’s message, is loud and clear.