3 Reasons to Run Your Next Promotion as a Custom URL Microsite

Posted by Danny Wood

Strutta allows promotion organizers to make their promotions available through a variety of channels, including a Strutta domain, Facebook Tab App, and IFrame. More and more Strutta users are opting to use our custom domain option to make their promotion available from the domain (or subdomain) of their choice though, and here are a few reasons why:

Conversion & User Experience Optimized

Of all of the options on Strutta for making your promotion available to participants, custom domain promotions are the easiest for users to access. Nothing is easier for a user to share with friends over the phone, type into a Facebook share message, or recall from memory than a custom promotion URL. As such, expect promotions hosted at a custom domain to experience a higher level of traffic and therefore conversions.

Energy Efficiency Alberta Custom Domain Contest

Reap the SEO Benefits

We strongly advise Strutta users who run contests at custom domains to link back to their main company websites, due to the benefits related to improving search engine ranking of their main company websites. Why does this have an impact?

When considering where to rank a website in search rankings, search engines such as Google factor in links back to the website in question as an important factor. Of the links back to the website in question, the value of these links is ranked based on a variety of factors, including the amount of traffic to that website and the number of social shares of that website.

Since your promotion will likely be getting a large amount of traffic and social shares during the course of your campaign, links back to your main company website from your custom domain promotion will provide real SEO-related benefits.

Bowlero Custom Domain Contest

Strutta Microsites Include SSL (“https”)

In contrast to many other promotion services, Strutta offers full promotion hosting while also providing full SSL-security for your domain without charging any additional fees or requiring technical know-how on your part. Not only is this another important factor in search engine ranking related to the previous point, but it also gives users peace-of-mind that any information being submitted as part of your promotion is secure and being handled professionally.

To host your promotion at a custom domain, please let our support team know that you’d like to use a custom domain, and we’ll be happy to help. Additionally, from now until December 31st 2018, if you mention having read this blog post, you’ll receive 75%-off the regular “White Label” package rate of $1000!