Introducing Tagwin - Contests and Giveaways on Instagram

Posted by Danny Wood

While talking to a Strutta user recently, I received the feedback that while having a microsite-based promotion was great, it was a lot of work to get setup for a small-scale Instagram-based promotion where a microsite wasn’t as valuable. The more important thing here was to have more capabilities around Instagram that better matched the way users are running contests specifically on Instagram. After bringing this back to the Strutta team, our conclusion was that there was a need for an entirely new contesting platform for Instagram.

With that, I’m proud to announce today’s launch of Tagwin!

Tagwin Instagram Contest Management Interface

A contesting platform focused specifically on Instagram for Instagram marketers, Tagwin is intended to support Instagram’s increasingly important role in the marketing mix of all brands. In building Tagwin, we focused on a few important things:

Contest Functionality Specifically for Instagram

Tagwin provides features specifically designed to support contests on Instagram the way that Instagram users run them. While you can still run a hashtag contest, you can now enjoy additional features such as requiring a follow on your account to enter, creating entries based on your Instagram followers (“Follow-to-win”,) or even requiring a like or a comment on a specific post.

Very Easy to Launch

Going from signing-up for a new account on Tagwin to putting your first contest live can be accomplished in under 5-minutes.

Driving Measurable Results for our Users

Running an Instagram Contest using Tagwin as opposed to running one manually gives a much clearer picture of the results that you’re able to achieve through your contest. See all of your entries easily within the interface, access the resulting User-Generated Content in a click, track the increase in your follower-base during your contest, and more.

Complementary to the Promotions Builder

Tagwin is intended as a partner platform to Strutta’s Promotions Builder; use Tagwin to grow your following and increase engagement on Instagram, while continuing to generate email leads and collecting User Generated Content through the Promotions Builder.

Now that Tagwin is available, you can use it to:

  • Grow your audience/followers on Instagram
  • Measurably Increase Engagement
  • Launch your Brand on Instagram

In-order to get started, just head to and click sign-up. Your first Tagwin contest is free!