Give the API a Try - New Test Sweepstakes

Posted by Danny Wood

We’re glad to say that our API has seen some exciting use-cases emerge, (not to mention this one). This being said, we know that it can be challenging to get started on a brand-new platform.

That’s why we’ve put together a sample Sweepstakes using the Promotions API! The test-case employs all the normal functionality that can be found in a Sweepstakes, including Social Share Referrals using Facebook posts.

The test case has been compiled as two GitHub Repositories, both of-which are publicly available. You can find them here and here. Interested in playing with the test Sweepstakes but don’t have a Promotions API account yet? Just drop me a line!

Don’t forget that even if you’re not a developer and don’t have access to one, a Promotion built on our API isn’t out of reach! Strutta offers custom services to help with your project.