Everything you need to know about Facebook App Approval

Posted by Danny Wood

Facebook’s recent updates to Facebook Login and user permissions have meant a new approval system for apps that make use of Facebook functionality, such as the “Like” Button. Of course, the first thing you’re probably thinking is, “why does this apply to me? I don’t make Apps.”

Why the new approval process applies to everyone

Until the implementation of the new approval process, it was preferable to create a new custom Facebook App whenever you created a promotion; doing so meant you were able to customize the name of the App, the graphic, and other aspects which would allow you to build trust with your participants and increase the chance they would give you permission to access their profiles and complete the entry process.

Why the old approach is no-longer the preferred method

In the past, there as no approval process, and new custom Facebook Apps were instantly available. However, with the new custom Facebook App approval process, it’s best not to attempt to get your “new” App approved. This process can take 7-14 days, and potentially require several tries in order to be successful.

How you can avoid this with Strutta

When creating a promotion that requires a Mandatory Like to enter, it is possible to avoid the Approval process by giving up the chance to customize your app and using Strutta’s pre-approved “Promos App”. This is our recommended method, due to the fact that you will not need to wait the 7-14 days for approval of a “new” app.

In order to do so, just choose the “Default” option when choosing a Facebook App on the Integration > Facebook step of the builder: Promos App

Of course, if you still have problems, don’t hesitate to drop our friendly support team a line at support@strutta.com; we’re happy to help :)