Increase your Sales with Email Marketing

Posted by Danny Wood

Most developers & designers will agree that writing HTML for an email marketing piece is even more difficult than writing a website. What’s more, as digital marketers, we seem to always be on the look-out for the latest and greatest way to impress our (potential) customers and drive them into our funnel in a way that no one else has before.

Even with these things considered, if you sell products and services online, email marketing should be your most profitable channel. Here’s why:

The data don’t lie

There are lots of great blog posts out there that show the great statistics attached to email marketing, so I’ll just link you to my favourite one. Not only do consumers that receive email offers spend 138% more than those who don’t, 77% of consumers prefer to receive “permission-based marketing” through email.

Email helps you to give people what they want

Through a proper process of opt-ins, it’s possible to ask your subscribers exactly what they’d like to receive from you. Give them the choice of hearing about sales and/or events, specific brands or products, or any other particular element of your offering. They’ll thank you with better open rates and click-throughs.

Mobile is a (mostly) untapped opportunity

Even though the majority of email opens (48%) come from mobile devices, the majority of email marketers still choose not to optimize their email contents for mobile. While mobile-optimized emails are challenging from a technical perspective, the results in-terms of improved click-throughs will most likely be more than worth the added time and effort.

We know a great way to introduce people to your email list

Strutta sweepstakes are a great way to market your email newsletter to your current and potential customers. The biggest “objection” to entering one’s email address to sign-up for a newsletter is often the time it takes to enter the required information, so if a user is already doing that in the context of a sweepstakes, this greatly increases your chances of also getting an opt-in for email marketing.

Make sure that you clearly explain the benefits of signing up for your email newsletter, which should include ‘first-to-know’ about new products/services and sales, as well as future opportunities to win sweepstakes only open to email subscribers.

Email marketing isn’t a tactic that should be taken lightly; it often requires development and graphic design resources, and must be done properly in order to ensure optimal engagement rates, (and staying on the right side of laws!) But, when ample time and effort is invested, email marketing can become your most profitable channel.