How to Promote a Sweepstakes on Facebook Nolitours Does it Right

Posted by Tina Hoang

Nolitours, a Canadian tour operator that offers quality vacations at affordable prices, ran an extremely successful Facebook sweepstakes that saw a 93% conversion rate on site visits to entries! In the Cuba Freebie-O-Rama, Nolitours gave away a vacation for 2 to Cuba every day for two weeks.

To advertise the sweepstakes on Nolitours’s Facebook Page, Nolitours’s agency, Cossette, created a set of very shareable visual content in the form of fun Cuba Facts like this one:

######While the sweepstakes was live, Nolitours regularly posted Cuba Facts to attract new entrants.


###Key takeaway #1: be true to your brand and create visual content that really speaks to your audience.

Here are a few reasons why Cuba Facts gained so much traction:

  1. Bold design: the graphics are on brand, colorful and attention-grabbing. They truly stood out in News Feeds.
  2. Strong copywriting: in line with Nolitours’s brand, the tone on the Cuba Facts is fun and playful which speaks to its target demographic. A lot of the facts are “facts” (ie. not actually facts), and they’re pretty hilarious.
  3. Aspirational content: most of us think of Cuba as a warm and sunny paradise with no shortage of rum and cigars. These Cuba Facts play on Cuba’s fun-loving reputation and enticed fans to enter.

###Key takeaway #2: offer a prize relevant to your brand, and make it easy for your fans to find and enter your sweepstakes with a call to action.

Not only did the Cuba Facts gain tons of likes, comments and shares, they also effectively drove traffic to the promotion. Here’s how:

  1. Smart messaging: each graphic was accompanied by shout outs to the latest daily winners, a call to action to encourage more entries and a shortened link to direct fans to the sweepstakes.
  2. Clear call to action: each of the Cuba Facts graphics included a footer that reads: “Enter now for your chance to win a vacation in Cuba!”

Here are some more fun Cuba Facts:

######These vibrant graphics attracted entrants to the Cuba Free-O-Rama sweepstakes on Facebook.

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