Meet SailMail! Automated Giveaways for Email Marketing

Posted by Danny Wood

If you follow Strutta on Twitter or receive the Social Promotions Insider, you’ve probably noticed some talk about a new offering that will be available soon, known as “SailMail”. We’d like for you to be able to get to know our upcoming product a little better!

What does SailMail do?

SailMail is a Mailchimp integration that allows you to run automated giveaways with your email subscribers. Using SailMail and your Mailchimp account, will automatically reward members of your lists with prizes of your choosing, such as gift cards or promotion codes, based on settings that you choose, such as interval and number of winners.

Why SailMail?

As we’ve mentioned recently, statistics show that email marketing can be your highest-converting channel. However, it’s also true that regularly coming up with engaging, exciting content for your subscribers can be a challenge. SailMail will give you a new point of engagement with your list members (giveaways), without adding another task to your plate.

But I don’t use Mailchimp?

If you haven’t started email marketing yet or have just been sending emails through your conventional email client, we’d highly recommend checking out Mailchimp through their “forever free” plan. However, if you already do email marketing through another platform and would be interested in using SailMail, please let us know which platform you use.

Powered by the Strutta API? What does that mean?

Another exciting thing about SailMail is that it will be the first platform to use our new Promotions API before it becomes publicly available. This means SailMail will continue to offer the high level of reliability that Strutta users depend on.

Sounds great! When can I get my hands on it?

SailMail is still in development, but we’ll be looking for users to be beta-testers in the coming months. In order to have the best chance on getting in, make sure to sign-up on the site. We’re even giving away a free year’s subscription to one lucky user, so be sure to stay tuned!