We're Running a Legal Webinar

Posted by Danny Wood

At Strutta, we know it’s important to you that your promotion doesn’t get you into legal trouble. Besides, promotions are about establishing new connections with your (potential) customers, not getting called out by the FTC, right?

That’s why we released our very popular Legal Guide, a Free PDF that takes you through the ins-and-outs of running a Promotion that is legal in all 50 States and 10 Provinces.

The good news is that, on June 18th, (a week from the publishing of this blog post,) the same lawyers that helped us to write the legal guide will be hosting Strutta’s first ever Legal Webinar!

At the webinar, we’ll be going over:

  • What’s the legal difference between a “contest” and a “sweepstakes”;
  • Specific Legal requirements for running a contest in the United States, Canada and Quebec.
  • Required disclosures about your contest or sweepstakes;
  • Best practices advice from practicing lawyers from the United States and Canada;
  • State-by-state as well as province-by-province guide to contest legal requirements.

So, don’t delay, register! We’re keeping spots in the webinar limited so-as to be able to facilitate discussion. You can register on the Legal Webinar minisite, here: http://go.strutta.com/legal-webinar/.