2-Minute Promotion Tip - Promote your Prize!

Posted by Danny Wood

Social Promotions can offer some of the highest conversion rates in online marketing when it comes to capturing participant contact information. However, there are a few key “conversion optimization” points which really help to keep that conversion rate high.

One of the most important is, make sure you feature your prize. Without easily being able to understand what they have the chance to win, your participants are less likely to make the decision to enter.

One great example of successfully showcasing the prize comes from the Wyoming Short Film Contest: Wyoming Short Film Contest

Upon hitting the Competition’s website, it’s immediately apparent that $25,000 is involved. Even if there’s any ambiguity around where “ROPE” indicates that it’s to be won, that’s quickly resolved in the Details section below.

A few other examples of promotions that do a great job of promoting their prizes:
My Favourite Word - Babbel
Zamboni Ride Contest - EchoStor
From the Heart of Italy Contest - Ocean Brands