Accept One or Multiple Media Types

Diversify the User Generated Content included with participant entries

Accept one or multiple media types in contest entries, collecting one, some or all of the types of media Strutta supports, which includes photos/images, videos, audio and text. Images, video and audio can be collected from participants via upload, (available on desktop, tablet and mobile,) while video can also be collected from participants as a YouTube or Vimeo link. All media can be displayed in the participant-facing entries gallery, or viewed/downloaded in the promotion management interface.

Promotion, gallery, photo entries

Select one or multiple media types that your participants can use as part of their entries, and include as many of each media type for your participants to enter with, (i.e. 5 images and a video).

Builder, manage interface, Moderation tab

Video entries can be played in the promotion manage view as part of the process of moderating or generally overseeing promotion entries.

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