Code & Unique Code Validation

Easily restrict and target access to your promotion

Code and unique code validation allows you gate entry into your promotion with an entry field that validates against a predetermined value or values. Code entry restrictions allow for as many participants to enter using one code, i.e. “Use the entry code WIN to enter!” Unique code entry restrictions allow for a series of codes that can only be used once by each participant, such as with a popular “Look under the bottle cap for your code to enter!” promotion run by a soft drink company.

Code Validation

Use the DIY Builder to configure your Sweepstakes and include Code or Unique Code Validation as a restriction on participant entry. Type/Paste your codes, or upload a raw text file.

General Sweepstakes

Once launched, your promotion will now require your participants to include the Validation Code that you specified in-order to create an entry in your promotion.

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