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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Participant and Active Rounds Limits work?

A Participant is counted towards your promotion for every time that someone creates their first entry or casts their first vote. Active Round time is defined as the time during which your promotion has an active submission, voting or judging round. Your promotion may be live while there are no Active Rounds.

Is there a Free Trial?

It's possible to sign-up for the Promotions Platform for free without supplying any payment details. By signing up, you're able to build a promotion from start to finish and access all available features. Payment is only required at the point where you would like to launch your promotion.

Where’s the Professional Package?

Strutta has modified its pricing model to make everything more simple and economical: now, all promotion launches cost $250, with additional features available as individual add-ons. To see a complete list of included features, click "See More" above.

How much is it to use the API or use Professional Services?

Usage of the Promotions API starts with a simple participant-based pricing model similar to the Promotions Builder: $0.01-per-Participant created. For more information on API or Professional Services projects, please contact us.