We Build and Host Custom Promotions for Top Brands and Agencies

Strutta combines an expert team with an industry-leading technology platform to create and present customized games and competitions.

Whether starting from polished designs or a rough concept, we bring contesting campaigns to life across social networks and platforms, engaging audiences and driving measurable results.

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Unlimited Model Customizations

Through the flexibility of our API Platform combined with our development team capabilities, Strutta can truly offer any Contest Model customization that’s desired.

Purpose-Built Integrations

Leads and User Generated Content are a key part of the return on your campaign; Strutta makes sure they end up stored in the right place, such as a CRM or data storage system.

The Top Technology

All Custom Promotions are built on Strutta’s Promotions API, which means traffic surges and high volume are always a great thing, never a concern.

Account & Project Management

Promotional Campaigns can be complex to build and manage, but our team will be there to guide you through the process.

Custom or DIY?

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