User-Friendly Moderation and Judging Interfaces

Easily control your contest’s entries and select winners

Strutta’s user-friendly moderation and judging interfaces mean that once your promotion is launched and accepting entries, management is an easy task. Choose whether or not to utilize moderation for your contest, then use our “inbox-style” moderation interface to quickly approve or reject. Entries in a judging round can be sorted, selected and locked-in with only a few clicks, and then are automatically presented through your promotion gallery.

Builder, manage interface, Moderation tab

The entry moderation interface allows you to quickly move through entries, or drill down to see if they should be approved or rejected.

Judged contest winners are easily selected

Judged contest winners are easily selected, after filtering through all available entries, and can ultimately be sorted into places, (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.).

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